Carrie Bow Cay

Marine Laboratory Layout


The aerial view of Carrie Bow Cay details the locations of the data acquisition system and sensors that make up the environmental monitoring system.  Oceanographic sensors are mounted at the end of the boat dock (western side of the island) in a stilling tube with the pressure sensor located 58cm above the sea bed. The water level above the sensor varies, due to the changing tidal elevation, from ~0.2m to ~0.5m.

This location was selected because it offered easy mounting and access to the instrument from the dock, the communication cable could be strung along the underside of the dock for protection, and it is in open water.  The ocean sensors are connected by a 250-foot cable that runs the length of the dock, then through underground PVC pipe to the main building to the data acquisition system.  

The data acquisition system, located in a second story storage room in the main building, is also connected to a tipping bucket rain gauge and meteorological instrumentation (wind monitor, pyranometer, barometer, and temperature and relative humidity sensors), solar panels, radio communications antenna and lightning protection equipment mounted on a twenty-foot aluminum tower (Glen Martin Engineering). The tower is secured to a platfrom on the second level so that the top of the toweer is !39 feet above ground levelthe second story deck railing  

To avoid impact from trees and other wind obstructions that might effect the measurements, the rain gauge was mounted on the far eastern edge of the roof where the roof is almost flat.