Carrie Bow Cay

Environmental Monitoring System

Four-Year Temperature Record
This past September (2005) marked the 5th year of operation for the Environmental Monitoring System on Carrie Bow. The 4-year water temperature records for Carrie Bow is shown in the figure below along with the HotSpot (28.9ēC) and bleaching (HotSpot+1ēC) thresholds derived by NOAA/NESDIS for Glover’s Reef. Bleaching thresholds are shown for reference only and are not established for the specific location of the instrument at Carrie Bow Cay. If you were visiting Carrie bow Cay when high water temperatures or bleaching were observed we would be interested to learn about your observations. Any information would be helpful in establishing a correlation between the measured temperature and bleaching threshold. Information can be emailed here.

Additional information on HotSpot thresholds visit NESDIS web page.

Four Year Record