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Carrie Bow Cay

Environmental Monitoring System

Shoreline Survey - February 2006


Changes to the shoreline of Carrie Bow have been monitored by CCRE ever since the laboratory was established in 1972 (see map). In February of 2006, GPS technology was utilized to conduct a shoreline survey of Carrie Bow Cay. Survey points were collected along the shoreline every 2-4 feet using a Garmin 276CS GPS receiver. The receiver was connected to a laptop running software that records GPS data directly in standard GIS format (ESRI SHAPE format) and provides a real-time display of the survey data in the GIS. Future shoreline surveys using GPS will provide an accurate and consistent method to compare long-term and seasonal shoreline changes. Results of the survey are shown in the image below.

Shoreline Survey - February 24, 2006

Shoreline Survey (47K)